Friday, December 22, 2006

Holy traffic, Batman--it's crazy out there today!

I spent a good portion of the day oot and aboot running errands for myself and my mom. She owes me SO big, that's all I can say. Not really, I was happy to do it.The problem is that everybody has been cooped up for two days and not able to get out and finish their shopping and do all those last minute things they couldn't do the last two days. I couldn't believe the amount of traffic--and the roads were easily driveable but it was like four-wheeling most of the time, and SLOW. The worst part of the day-- the ham store. I went earlier this morning and the parking was terrible because of the plowing, and also the line was out the door with about 10 people. I thought I'd wait and go back later--big mistake. The line was out the door and about 25 people! Once you got inside there were about 50 people in lines that snaked all around the store. I got to the counter and asked for the order, and was told I needed a confirmation number, not a name. I called my mom and her phone connection was beyond lousy--and then she tells me she threw that number away. I wasn't sure I'd even be able to get a ham, since every Gentile in the north metro area had been picking up hams--but I did finally get one. It's smaller than the one she wanted, but at that point I didn't care. Then there was a long line to pay. Man, they were so busy! And I don't even really like ham!

One thing I did do today was order my Christmas photo cards. A few weeks ago I was disappointed not to have any picture I thought suitable for a greeting card-- 1) I lost my pictures when my hard drive crashed in October and 2) I've done pretty much nothing memorable this year. And then it snowed! Yesterday I had my neighbor take a picture of me outside by all the snow--and it turned out pretty well. The cards turned out really cute-- and even though they'll arrive after Christmas, I don't care.

Tonight the plan is to wrap presents, address Christmas cards (late, I know--hush) and watch my favorite Christmas movies--National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Holiday, Inn and White Christmas.I've got the ironing board out (the best space to wrap presents, you know), then go to find my movies. Oh the horror! I discover I do NOT OWN my own copy of White Christmas. I'm so disappointed! I do have a taped copy I must have taped off the tv years and years ago, but I thought for sure I owned a dvd of the movie. My favorite Christmas movie--and I don't have it!

Time to wrap the presents (kind of like making the donuts).

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