Saturday, December 23, 2006

Yesterday when I was out and about, people were cheerful, friendly, and seemed to be in what we might consider the "Christmas Spirit". Today however, it's more the "get the hell out of my WAY!" spirit, myself included. I was headed out of my mom's subdivision and it was one of those situations where you are driving uphill, slushy and packed snow on the road and you know if you stop for any reason and don't keep plowing ahead, you'll never get going again. I was about three quarters of the way up when somne stupid kids that were sledding down the ONE lane in the road realized I was coming right for them so they jumped into a drift right next to the lane and laughed hilariously. But they left their stupid saucer in the middle of the road. I honked and yelled at them, one of them finally grabbed it. I stopped when I got to them and told them they needed to get off the road right away next time--and their dad starts yelling at me, "I'm WATCHING them!" I said "No you're NOT"" and drove away. Morons.

I ushered this afternoon, and it's been a crazy busy day. Tonight we're going to see All Shook Up downtown, which I'm not that excited about, really. It's basically using the songs of Elivs Presley to supposedly tell a story--but it's been my experience that it turns out to be a musical revue of some sort--which I really dislike as a show. The only time it really has worked is for Mamma Mia--now that was a good story and used those songs really cleverly. We're not doing dinner, and we're not doing SB after I'm sure. B has to get right home, so it's kind of a different night. Bleh.

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