Thursday, December 21, 2006

I've ventured out into the world of snow...and I survived.

It took some doing to get out of my carport--the plow had made a path behind our cars then out to the street, so by making a 50 point turn I finally got out. Once you get out onto the regular streets, it's like a different world. It's plowed, people are out and about, and while there are some tricky stretches, it's easily navigable with any decent car and tires (I love my CR-V). I went out to pick up my nephew and take him to get groceries. We went to Super WallyMart because that's the closest to where he lives--man it was crazy. There were only 7 registers open at the front, and the two back at electronics. Once we finally got everything, we waited in line for a half an hour to get checked out. I'm glad we went when we did because they weren't letting anyhone else in. They were holding people at the door.

Getting back INto my carport was a challenge--I finally had to back in, again with about a 50 point turn.

I'm awfully glad to be home.

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