Saturday, December 30, 2006

The last couple of days have flown by-- we've been here and there and now we're back. Yesterday we went to Arlington National Cemetery to specifically visit the section where the Christmas wreaths had been donated for the headstones. Each year 5,000 wreaths are donated and a different section is chosen for them. It was pretty impressive looking--as is all of Arlington. The row after row after row of headstones is very sobering.

Last night we went to my friends B and S's house for dinner--it was so much fun. These are two people B and I met in St. Maarten both years, and I've kept in touch with them. We got there about 4:30 and didn't leave until after 10:00-- what a fun time we all had.

Today we visited the International Spy Museum--that was SO interesting! It took about 3 hours-- so much to see and read. My feet were definitely ready for a rest when we were done. Tonight we went to the Washington Redskins' football game and were in the Boeing Skybox for the game. Wow--- what pampering. Tons of food, great view--it was something I have never done and probably will never do again. Too bad they lost, but it sure was neat to be there. As we were headed to the game, the funeral motorcade for President Ford passed us on their way to the Capitol Building-- we got to see the entire motorcade on the highway right next to us.

Tomorrow is mass, then M and S are having a NY Eve pajama party with their gourmet dinner group tomorrow night. CP and I really want to go to a movie and not the party, but haven't quite gotten brave enough to make the decision. We've sort of hinted, but neither of us wants to disappoint our hosts.

And now it's time for sleep.

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