Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day...

Especially when it has a day off on Monday following it. Whew--today was crazy. I dragged myself to school today only because it was the geography bee at school. Since I'm the one that organizes it and I'm such a control freak I never ask for any help... so I have to be there. Even though I didn't feel great, it all went really well, and the rest of the day was okay. As the day wore on I felt a little better, but now I feel awful. I cannot stop coughing--and I have such a headache the coughing is making me feel even worse. My ears hurt, too--I'm a mess. I plan on taking some of that nasty tasting green liquid we all know is over-the-counter crack--so I'm sure I'll sleep like the dead. What will all do if someday they figure out that stuff should be a controlled substance and we can't buy it anymore? We'll all be in a world o' hurt I do believe. I've had to cut two phone calls short tonight because because between coughing and the headache, I just can't concentrate on a conversation. One was with B, who I talk to every day so it wasn't too big a deal, but the other was with a high school pal that lives in CA but is here visiting her folks for a bit.

I stopped at Ah-mee-chees on the way home got comfort food. Their minestrone is There are actually two of these restaurants in the town where I live, and the one with the best soup is the one in the south. Yummo.

Okay, I'm out of steam.

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