Thursday, January 04, 2007

I' ve spent the evening shopping around cyberspace--it's been a long time since I've done that. I bought new batteries for my camera, new bras (oh so desperately needed--ladies, you get it...) and a bunch of stuff on amazaon--a lens cap for my camera (lost mine last week in D.C.), RR's birthday present (why can't she have a January birthday--I can't wait til summer to give it to her!!) some books... and a few minutes ago I got a call from the fraud prevention section of my credit union asking me to verify activity on my card! I've never gotten that phone call before-- I'm glad they are checking, but it was weird.

Tonight is WP's last appearance on CSI for awhile--he's off to do theatre, and something besides what he's been doing on the show. I think the show will be so different without him. I read that another person is coming in to be the new head of CSI--so we'll see. Did you know you can see the latest episodes of CSI on Comcast Demand for 99 cents? The only really bad thing is---you also get the commercials! Now that's weird.

The computer-fixer guy is coming tomorrow to look at my iMac--we had an appointment in November, it snowed really bad. We had an appointment Dec 22, there was no way he was going to get into my complex because of the snow. I hear it's supposed to snow again tonight. If we had to cancel again-- too weird.

Did you notice I ened all my paragraphs with "weird"?

Pretty weird, huh?

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