Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm looking forward to a quiet evening of nothing important. I ran errands today, and I was glad to get home. Too much traffic, too many people out and about.

I stopped by school today for a nanosecond--about 20 mins, actually. RR was there for less time than I was-- it was nice to catch up. I do like my breaks from school but I do miss the people. I probably would have stayed longer, but it was so cold I couldn't stand it for too long. And the batteries on my TV remote at school didn't seem to be working-- so that meant I definitely wouldn't be there for long. :-)

Last night we watched the movie Shopgirl. It wasn't horrible, but it was kind of weird-- it reminded me a lot of Garden State (which has a great soundtrack). I do like Claire Danes--and I thought she was pretty good in this movie, but Steve Martin was sure in a different role. The movie had a different look to it--greens, yellows, oranges-- I'm guessing it may fall under the "independent film" catgory. I liked it okay, but doubt that I would recommend it to anyone.

I have a ton of ingredients to make cookies-- I was planning on making them and giving them to my neighbors and people at school before Christmas, but...well.... we all know how that turned out with the weather. I did end up making my yummy sugar cookies, but I have ingredients to make a million seven-layer bars (sometimes called "Dream Bars"). I guess tomorrow or Friday I'll make some and see how they turn out, and then maybe I'll make some on Sunday.

Our last cake class starts on Monday night--it's all about using fondant on cakes. If you watch the Food Network on a regular basis, you know what fondant is. It's that rolled out stuff that looks like tough play-doh, and it's used like marzipan on some things. Should be interesting. Don't anybody plan on a fondant-decorated cake for anythying special--I don't know that I'll be very good at it!

I just got off the phone with Funny Laurie--she has a blog! I convinced her to make it public, so you'd better go look before she changes her mind later.

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