Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday nights are sad. Back to work on Monday. That's sad, too.

This afternoon we went to see this show.If you follow the link, be sure to read down towards the end about all the characters and the words--it's kind of funny. The show was great-- there were a couple of things maybe we should add to our school spelling bee. One of the characters was a "comfort counselor" who gave kids a hug and a complimentary juice box when they missed their word. The rest of the kids sang "goodbye...goodbye..." when the kid had to leave the stage.After the show I wrote a note to the cast and invited them to be judges at our school spelling bee this Friday--wouldn't that be funny if some of them called to say they were coming? I loved going to the show on a Sunday afternoon instead of a weeknight. The weather wasn't great-- it was snowy and windy walking around downtown, which is windy usually anyway.

Random Sunday thoughts...

-I need a haircut but I don't really want to schedule one. I'm starting to be a big fan of coming right home from work, putting on my jammies and hanging out on the couch all night.
-Why do people let their cats stay outside when it's so cold? Last night I kept hearing some poor kitty outside meowing. Honestly though, I don't understand why people let their cats out at all.
-I don't like the new schedule for all the Law and Order shows. I loved having the original one on Wed night--it was a nice treat in the middle of the week.
-Is it bad to take headache pain reliever every day? For your whole life?
-I love all the commercials for GEICO, with the cavemen.
-I'm so looking forward to going to bed.

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