Sunday, March 04, 2007

The public library is my friend.

I finally got all the parts to my new computer-- printer/scanner/copier, monitor, tower. They are sitting at home in their respective boxes, waiting til Monday the 12th when someone smarter than me will come and set them up. Yes, I'm sure I probably could've done it (I only know macs, but how different can they really be?), yes, I'm sure MC probably would've been happy to come do it, I'm sure B would've even done it. But no, I want to pay money for the setup to some store I now loathe with the passion of a thousand fiery suns.

There was one last little turn of the proverbial megastore screw when I called to make my appt for setup--and was told there would be an additional charge because "the order hadn't been written up correctly". I said no, there would NOT be an additional charge, I was weary of dealing with said store and its worker bees,and if this wasn't taken of care during this phone call I was bring every unopened box back and getting a full refund immediately. It took a little doing but not only am I getting refunded the extra charge, they are giving me an additional little refund just to make nice. While I will never ever buy anything from this store again, their gesture did earn one or two PR points. Only one or two though.

Yesterday I went out to lunch with my family for my birthday--it was fun and I loved my gifties. Everything I got was something I wanted and will use. I love when that happens.

Yesterday afternoon I went to a wedding reception for a student I had in 5th grade many years ago. he got married in TX but his family and friends are all here so they had a "Colorado Reception". Most times I don't go to these things (even though I want to) because I don't like going by myself. This one was a little different--I went to high school with his parents, we're friends, and I was also hoping a few other kids from that class of 5th graders would be there. It was SO much fun. There were two other boys from that class there--I figured they would be since they were in the bridal party. We had a great time catching up. But what I hadn't realized was that so many other people I went to high school with would also be there (since they are friends with the parents)--these are people I see every five years at our reunions, and some a little more than that, but it was great fun to hang in the kitchen for an hour or so and talk to them.

Time to check the email-- then go eat some lunch.

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