Wednesday, March 28, 2007

If anyone needs a new alarm clock, I can recommend one. It lives at my house and is furry and tortoise-shell colored. Sleeping in is a distant memory for me--this cat will have none of it. Does she meow incessantly? No. Does she paw the bed covers? No? She sits as close to my face as she can get and stares at me. Seriously, her little furry face is literally inches from mine. She doesn't make a noise, just sits and stares at me. Every once in awhile I can feel her whiskers brush up against my face, she's that close. It drives me crazy.

Yesterday I met Spencer for lunch-- and afterwards we sat outside the restaurant and played Boggle. Actually, he played Boggle and I pretended like I was playing. He was like one of those pool hustlers that invites you to play a friendly game of pool, then proceeds to kick your ass every which way.

Last night I watched Goodnight and Good Luck-- okay movie, not anything spectacular. Interesting topic, I did look it up for more info after it was over, but I wasn't wowed.

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