Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's almost Friday--that's a good thing. It's almost spring break. Also a good thing. I got a haircut yesterday--a VERY good thing. It was chilly and gray today-- and for me, a good thing. There's nothing on TV tonight--a bad thing. I have movies, but don't really feel like watching them. Not sure what kind of thing that is.

Today I spent the day at a children's literature seminar-- good ideas, fun books to go buy now, but annoying people all over the place having side conversations and evidently not feeling my piercing eyes of death upon them. The person two seats down from me clicked the clicker on her pen I guess I need earplugs when I go to these things.

Yesterday one of my classes was late for their library class. This was the same class that missed their library class two weeks ago because they went to a play at the high school (but no one let me know--I found out by reading the weekly bulletin). I called the teacher, a kid answered. I asked, "Is your class coming to the library today?" She calls out to the teacher "Are we going to the library today?" I hear him yell across the classroom, "No!". Alrighty then. Once again, I am the last to know and what I had planned obviously had no importance. He did apologize later--but it didn't help much.

I love my job, I love my job.

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