Friday, March 16, 2007

My gosh this has felt like the longest week ever.

Went up to Birkenstock/Whole Foods Land tonight to see West Side Story. It's one of my favorite musicals and B gave me tickets for my birthday. I guess he assumed I was taking him since he called and asked what time we were leaving. The music was great--the cast, not so great. After the show we were outside talking to B's voice teacher who said, "It's really sad when Tony dies, and you don't even care he's dead". Unfortunately the seats weren't great--we were way off to house right and missed anything going on at stage left. I told him I was just going to sit and enjoy the music, I didn't care if I could see. And yowza, what a beautiful night tonight. The walk back across campus to the car was heavenly.

When I check my c*mc*st mail the home page that opens up is news, and tonight there was a story about all these cats and dogs that had kidney failure and had died from eating a certain brand canned and pouch pet food. It gave the lot number of the packages--and since I use the pouch version of the cat food I had to check, even though the box is almost empty and my cat's still around. I can't imagine how awful that would be--that company is in for some bad times ahead, I'm thinking.

Looking forward to sleeping in a little tomorrow morning--it's those little things to look forward to. Now if I just had freshly laundered sheet son my bed... now that would be the bomb.

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