Friday, March 23, 2007

It's raining, it's pouring.... well, it's not exactly pouring per se, but it's raining. Or at least it was a little while ago. I'm glad--enough of the nice weather for spring!

I am now officially on spring break. It was an okay day at school-- people seem a little anti-climactic about the spring break thing--I guess I thought today would be a little like the day before winter break when everyone is light-hearted and giddy. It was a little like that, but not much.

Tonight should be fairly quiet--I'm going to try to organize some of my scrapbooking things so I can find what I need for some projects this week. I just have so darn MUCH stuff that it's everywhere. I look organized, but I'm not (kind of like at school).

Today the community superintendent visited the building and was wandering around with the principal. They don't usually come into the library (I'm an afterthought most of the time) but I was in the hall and made them come in. M2 was telling her about a project I just did with four advanced first graders, and then in the same breath he said, "C is an absolutely amazing teacher". I was surprised--he sure hasn't said anything like that before. I said, "Thanks" but I must have sounded incredulous because then he said "No, I really mean it. Just watching you with kids you can tell". It was awfully nice to hear that--I know he's a positive person and all but he doesn't usually single people out (the whole "team and togetherness" kind of philosophy, you know).

Now I'm off to run an errand.

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