Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Best part of the day? Heck, pretty much the whole week?

Sitting at Panera eating dinner with B, talking about the Bionic Woman and the Six Million Dollar Man, the new series, and remembering (and replicating for the enjoyment of those around us) all the sounds on the show and what they represented (the bionic listening sound, the bionic jumping over a wall sound, the bionic running at the speed of light sound).

Now that was fun.

And after the long day we had again at school today, fun was muchly (look it up--go ahead. I double dare you) needed. I thought yesterday was tedious. Multiply by ten and take to the twelfth power. Then add seven. That was today. Not the presenters (RR-- certainly not you!) but the content. Mostly because I've already had this same content at another meeting. I guess the district people really want us to learn, know and be able to demonstrate it. And that's an inside joke for anyone that's a teacher. but not a funny one. A sad one.

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rr said...

No, that was a funny joke. very funny. I was presenting and thought that day was long and tedious! Sorry I had to leave for lunch without you. The salad place wasn't very good anyway so you didn't miss much.