Thursday, August 16, 2007

One more day to this tedious week and I can forget about work for a couple of days. Today wasn't too bad--- only two meetings! I know my principal doesn't eat (seriously, I think he's an android) but he does need to realize that having a meeting that runs through the lunch hour isn't acceptable. For anyone. Anywhere. He's done this twice now and it's a little annoying. I'm sure if someone (me...or someone else) pointed it out to him he would change it, but I suppose we just hope he'd figure it out on his own. No, wait. He's a guy. What was I thinking?

I came home about 3:30 and sat and read for about an hour or so. Very nice. I only stopped because I could feel myself starting to want to nod off. I'm reading the newest Stephanie Plum book-- I've been on the waiting list forever and finally put it on hold at a Denver library instead of my own county, because they had so many more copies to rotate through all the holds.

Tomorrow night we're going to see this, and on Saturday we're going to see this and this. And on Sunday, I sleep.


Laurie said...

What Neanderthal doesn't provide a lunch break?!!! Hot, he may be, but evidently a low score on emotional intelligence. xoxox

rr said...

He provides them then forgets that the "free" time was designated for lunch (since he truly never eats) and tries to fit other things in. CB is right when she says that he would not do it if you just mentioned it but nobody really ever wants to do that. One teacher did the other day though and he said, "Oh, right. Go eat. We'll have the meeting at X time instead." He just needs reminding because, well, because he's a man! :)