Saturday, August 18, 2007

Here Kitty, Kitty

B just left with a stray (maybe lost) cat in my cat carrier. We had gone to a couple of movies and were heading into KS to pick up some ice cream. There was a cat wandering around the front of the store, and it kept trying to go inside. We followed it a little and it let B pick it up. Really cute cat, tame, but really dirty so probably outside for some time. B got in the car with the cat and let it roam, I stood outside and called an animal hospital I know is open 24 hours. They would scan it for a chip if we brought it in, but they don't take strays, and all the other shelters I know aren't open at this hour. There's no leash law for cats, so strays are just left to wander, I suppose. I know the lady on the phone felt bad for me--because I started to cry a bit when I realized there was no hope of dropping it anywhere.

We drove back here (only about 3 minutes from the store) and the cat was laying on the floor in the back, letting me pet it and purring. When we got to my place, B came inside and got the cat carrier and when we got the cat out of the car it kind of freaked and jumped out of B's arms and under a car. I got some cat food and it came right out, we put the food in the carrier and got it in, and it snarfed the food right up. B took it home, with the intention of taking it someplace tomorrow. He just called and asked me to look up this place where the owners have a huge garden in their backyard with all kinds of daylilies, and they let cats they take in wander back there. I found the phone number and he's going to try them first tomorrow.

I really wanted to take the cat in (as in keep it) but my kitty has completely changed into a lap cat since my other cat is gone (it's been a few years now). When I had two cats, the one I still have now just wasn't that sociable. She'd come down to eat, but would spend all her time upstairs on the bed or somewhere. I like that she's always out and around me now. I'm afraid if I took in another kitty she might go back to those keep-to-herself ways.

The thing that just annoys me SO much is that this cat had no collar and no tags. I don't think pet cats should ever be outside wandering to start with, but good grief, if you're going to let them free outside at least have a collar and identifying tags on your pets. I've been able to get many dogs back to their owners that way--but cat owners don't seem to think it's necessary to make sure their cats can get back home if they get lost.

This animal rescue stuff stresses me out.


rr said...

poor kitty. i hope it finds a home.

I was waiting for you to blog about our meeting. you seemed to be taking copious notes. blog notes, that is. :)

rr said...

BTW, this not working on the weekend rocks! =) Let's see if I am able to maintain it when kids arrive.