Monday, August 20, 2007

I Need The Green Luna Moth

You know, when people talk about "the green butterfly" in regard to the well-known sleep aid, they really should look at that flying bug. It's actually a Luna moth--which makes sense if you think about the name of the sleep aid ("who really cares?", she said). Anyway, I need some of that stuff these days. I go to bed (last night 9:45) and then can't get to sleep. Last night I kept worrying about the little details I needed to do before a presentation to the staff today. I finally got up about 11:15 and took care of the things I was worried about forgetting to do this morning. It made for a little bit of a late night.

This afternoon I stayed at school until 4:30--way later than 1) usual and b) I meant to. After days and days and days of meetings, trainings, more meetings, more trainings, I finally had the entire afternoon to myself. I got so much done-- and am looking forward to more of the same tomorrow. If I remember correctly, we have no planned anything at school tomorrow. Except of course open house-- which is only an hour mid-afternoon. Figure out where your new room is!Come meet your teacher! Drop off your school supplies! Act like you are too good to be here! Now go home!

This morning after the training/presentation, the special ed teacher asked if I wanted to go get some lunch. I was thrilled because b) I was starving and 2) I so appreciated being asked. I don't really know her really well, so it was nice to sit and talk. I don't consider myself very good at small talk so frequently avoid situations where I might have to actually make small talk, but I do know that asking questions and listening is a good way to make a conversation keep going. I'm pretty good at both of those, so it was a really nice time at lunch. I guess that's really what small talk is though, now isn't it. I learned a lot about her, and enjoyed just sitting for a bit away from white boards, chart paper, laptops, handouts, and the internet. Tomorrow is the last day we'll all really be able to get away for lunch. After tomorrow, we all just hope someone goes for a "run" someplace and remembers to ask if we want anything. I'm hoping you and you and you might want to head out for some lunch tomorrow.

Personal note to spensah: Hope you come back soon! I put you in storage hoping you'll decide to dust yourself off and regale us once again with stories of this, that, and the other.


rr said...

1 and b and b and 2. you are hilarious! =) I enjoyed lunch with you yesterday and now it is back at it! Boo and yeah all at the same time. Your presentation was awesome today. Thanks for doing that. What a great way to start the year. You rock!!!

cb said...

Was it just yesterday we went to lunch? It feels like days ago! I'm glad you liked the start to the morning. I thought it was great, too!

danelle said...

Try Sleepinal or unisom (same formula). I've been using it lately and it's gooood.