Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Once I took a graduate class that was about dealing with stress, but it was all teachers in the class. On the first day the instructor posed a question, which we all answered in round-robin style. The question was-- When you get home from work, how do you begin to de-stress? I knew my answer right away. I change clothes. To me, changing clothes when I get home signals that my work day is over and I am home. I've always done that. Not intentionally, but at the class I realized that's how I changed my mind set from work to home. I think my favorite clothes are those I wear when I get home from work. Jammie pants, long-sleeved t-shirts, slippers--that's my uniform in the fall and winter. So tonight I'm in my home clothes--not jammie pants yet, but soon! Ahhhh.

Lots going on at school--both academically and annoyingly. There was a long discussion in the library after school about an issue that is really important to certain people, and it did not sound like it was going that well. I tried not to listen, but sometimes it's just impossible to completely tune it out. Especially when one of the teachers kept repeating the same damn question over and over, and never really got an answer. Even I was getting frustrated. I almost called this person from my car when I left, just to tell them I thought they were getting the short end of the stick, but I'm trying really hard this year to keep my nose out of any business at school that doesn't directly pertain to me. Yeah, I give that til ...oh....Halloween.

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danelle said...

I always have an outfit like that too, I call it my "in for the night" clothes.