Saturday, February 09, 2008

This seemed like the longest week ever. I wasn't sick (like RR) or financially and mentally challenged (like TSB) but I still feel like I've been wrung inside out and hung up to dry.

Right after school today I met KF for a movie--it was a last minute plan and I almost said no because it would involve driving way up there for the movie, then way down there for rehearsal. but I said yes, and was glad I did. We saw The B*ck*t List--and it was great. Some of the scenes felt a little contrived and silly, but the overall story was so so so good. I was about 15 mins late to the movie because of dealing with a parent about something ridiculous. I really hate getting to a movie even a few minutes late, much less 15 mins late. If you go see this movie--one piece of advice. Take tissues. I really liked going to a movie so early--right after school. We were out by 5:15, instead of late at night.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 50 degrees. Based on the weather this afternoon and tonight, I'm doubtful.

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rr said...

That was the longest week ever! hahahahaah....mentally challenged. That made me laugh out loud.