Sunday, August 03, 2008

It's completely overcast, there's thunder, some wind, and it's STILL 91 *%# degrees.

One thing I love about the iPod my best pal gave me for retirement is I can download podcast from iTunes for the NPR broadcasts that I love but can't seem to listen to when they are actually broadcast. One of my faves is Fresh Air, and a close second is Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me! (that one is a "weekly in the news" trivia game show). I love being able to have these podcasts waiting for me when I am ready to download them. What is becoming a problem is I'm not listening to them on a regular basis--and I now have 60 of them waiting for me patiently on my little pink iPod. I did listen to one at the gym today (these two are usually about 45 mins long EACH) which was great. I guess I'll need to be heading to the gym a little more regularly now!

Last night B and I spent quite awhile at B&N browsing, sitting and reading, talking--this is one of my favorite things we do. He got to talking to one of the worker bees about the Evil Dead movies (turns out the guy was a huge fan, B has just recently discovered them) so he was a happy camper for awhile. On the way home we stopped at Son-ick and got a treat to drink-- he got something ice-creamy and hazel-nutty and
java-y and I got a diet cherry limeade. YUMMMMMMMMMM was the word I think I used over and over. And at only 15 calories and 1 gram of sugar, this will be my new treat drink (it's especially nice they are half off from 2-4 every day!). This morning I looked up the nutritional info for both our drinks--his was definitely not great, but he doesn't do them very often at all so it could be a treat. Now my sister's watermelon slushy however.... D, hopefully you aren't drinking those more than every now and then. And mostly then. I also looked up one of my favorite foods there--it's basically fritos, chili and cheese wrapped in a tortilla. Holy mother of mahatma ghandi, it was almost 1,000 calories. And it's not that much food! And you get it with tater tots on the side. That's why we aren't meant to check the nutritional information on fast foods. Burp.

Gosh, it's after 3 p.m. I guess I should probably go get showered and dressed and ready for the day.


danelle said...

No, I only get them once every couple of weeks, and yes even better when the 44ounce one is only $1 between 2-4 pm. Whee. Ow, my back is killing me.

Laurie said...

I do love me some frito pie.
I have not tried a diet version, but I also do really love me some cherry lemonade.

cb said...

I almost got dressed at 11:30 tonight just to go get some of that diet cherry limeade. I didn't, but it was close! Monday for sure!