Friday, October 31, 2008

Went to the cheap seat movies to see Tropic Thunder tonight--VERY funny, but I could have done without the F-word so so so so many times. There were a LOT of people there--I was surprised. I mentioned that to b and he said, "Well, they look to be about our age, and are probably without kids... so we're in the same company". When we left the movie there was a line to get in, and it was about 85% Indian people. I'm guessing Halloween isn't a big Indian holiday, now is it?

We were surrounded people that seemed to think they were sitting on their couch at home watching the movie-- every time something funny would happen they'd make a comment, or repeat what the character said. That annoys me to no end--that repeating a funny line right after it's said in the movie.

Yesterday I joined some people from my CM group for lunch-- two of them from the south end of town were coming up on this end of town to take M to lunch. Our pal M had a seizure this summer which led to brain surgery to remove a tumor shortly after. Lunch was a good time, we sat at Chip-oh-tlee for nearly three hours just talking. M will probably need to go back in for surgery at some point because her incision isn't healing properly, but she has such a good attitude about everything. She still isn't driving and won't be until she can get off the anti-seizure meds. I gave her a ride home since she's right on my way, and told her I was probably going to call her each week and see if she needed to get out and go anywhere. She's home all day, can go out and walk anywhere she wants, but it's still a little limiting.

Brain surgery. Two kids and a husband at home. Probably more surgery.

I guess my life isn't really that bad.

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Laurie said...

Yea, I wondered what you would be doing on Halloween night. Sounds like the outing was at least SLIGHTLY less annoying than staying at home and answering the door. How's kittie?