Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When I came home from Minneapolis, this is what was waiting for me. On the far right is my patio door, and the white thing with drawers is a white thing with drawers--where my cat likes to sit and watch the world go by. On the floor...shredded... is my bank statement. It wouldn't be so bad... but I frequently find little messes like this. She loves to chew on paper. If I wad up a note or something and throw it in the small trash can, she immediately dives into the trash can to retrieve it. I can't leave any receipts laying out--those are her favorite. Last week I caught her chewing on the corner of some of my scrapbooking paper.

If you click the pic and look in the lower third of the photo you'll see the once new and now ratty fuzzy mouse she love love loves. It has an opening on the bottom (closed with velcro) where I can put in catnip. This is absolutely her favorite toy. In fact, she's playing with it right this very moment. I hope it lasts a while longer because I haven't seen any more like it anywhere.

This is also the cat that will play fetch as long as I'm willing to throw.

This cat is weird.


Nell said...

How weird about the paper- such a dog thing to do. BTW I have a laser pen here for you..well for Izzy that is.

katie said...

i think this is sooo cute. i wish i had a little critter to eat my mail!

cb said...

It's nto as fun as it may look, believe me. She also eats my hands and arms.