Wednesday, May 13, 2009

With best pal Mikey at a Rockies game recently. A Rockies game they actually won.

I made Mike take this photo because his arms are so much longer than mine--and I think it's one of my favorite pictures ever.

Mike and I have known each other since freshman year in high school--and that's a long, long time. We were both in marching band and concert band--which means we forged a bond at a very early time in the school year. Before the school year started, actually. Marching band practice always started in the summer--marching west down Grandview Avenue in front of that church, then marching back the other direction.

I still hang with quite a few of my high school band friends-- and every now and then we meet with my high school band director and his wife for dinner. I'm really glad those people are still in my life.

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Nell said...

I used to love to hear AWest's band in the summer when we lived over there.

We used to march down 6th. Damn, it was hot.