Monday, November 23, 2009

I was out and about for a little bit today to pick up the rest of the groceries needed for my things for Thursday and to do a little of this and that, and was so annoyed by people that I finally came home. Drivers that can't drive properly, people not paying attention to what they are doing in a store like standing in the middle of aisle blocking anyone from going around them, people who work at stores and don't know the answers to basic questions. Really, people? This is how we're going to do it this season? Really? (I've been watching too much SNL Weekend Update).

On BLACK FRIDAY there is something going on sale at Joann for a ridiculously low price. It normally sells for 199.00-- the sale price is 74.99. I've wanted this thing for a long time, and I don't WANT to go there at 6 a.m. on Friday so I stopped by and asked if I could buy it that night, then come back sometime on Friday and return it and repurchase it. [Blank stare] from the high school-type aisle organizer person. "Ummm, I don't really know". Surely most of you know what the next statement should be from her. "But let me find out". This is basic customer service, people. As my coworker Kristin used to tell her first graders... "We're not building a rocket and flying it to the moon".

Me: Is there someone around here who might know?
Worker Bee: Ummm, yeah. She starts talking into the mic that is clipped on her apron. A disembodied voice comes through on her earpiece, but I can't make out what the voice is saying.
Short person: Ummm... yeah, you can buy it tonight and then bring it back and return it then buy it again.

So I go to the aisle where these items are located, and there aren't any on the shelf. I head back to high school person who is now in the bead aisle chatting with a fellow high school worker person.

Me: So.... do you have any of xxx?
Worker Bee: Ummm. I don't really know.
Me: (Counting slowly in my head.. one...two...three...) So, is there anyone around here that might know?
Worker Bee: Ummm... yeah. Again she talks into the mic on her apron, again the disembodied voice answers.

Wait for it.... wait... you know the answer... "Ummm, no but we'll have them out on Friday."

And....... rim shot.

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