Monday, January 25, 2010


I've been back working for two weeks and I have to admit, I'm looking forward to the end of March when I'll be done. It's really kind of a challenge to walk into someone else's library at a completely different school three days a week and do things the way they do them, even though you know the way you would do them is different. And better. Not better as in smarter or more professional, but better meaning more user-friendly, more efficient, better for teaching kids (and teachers) routine. There are a few things that just don't work for me-- so tomorrow I'm going to modify them a bit and see if the teachers can go with it.

I do enjoy being back with kids (temporarily--don't get me wrong), and most of them are really pretty nice and friendly. There are a few that are not, however. I've had several kindergartners talk back to me (and their teacher)--and not just minor kind of stuff. One of them threw a handful of gravel in the para's face during a recess last week, with no consequences.

Worst part of the job? Getting up in the dark and driving to work in the dark. Really... not fun.

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