Sunday, February 07, 2010

Today is one of those days I'm so grateful to be retired and not have to go to work tomorrow morning.

I spent Wed afternoon through Sat afternoon at the CCIRA conference. I've attended this conference for many, many years (since I first started teaching) but now I'm attending and seeing it through a different lens. I'm next year's conference chair, so there's lots to learn and do. I was so tired last night I could barely stay awake for any length of time and did finally fall asleep while B watched a movie on the Disney channel. Today hasn't been much better. We saw a show at the ACenter and I kept closing my eyes "just for a second". I'd be in bed now but I just finished printing the certificates for the area spelling bee tomorrow morning.

It snowed today and I hope it snows again tomorrow. It's winter, for goodness sakes. I don't exactly want the kind of winter the east coast is getting at the moment, but a little cold and snow would be nice for a few days.

But I'd also like some sleep.

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